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The cellular receptors for infectious bursal disease virus

LQ Zhu, SL Wu, GP Zhang, GQ Zhu


Virus receptors are simplistically defined as cell surface molecules that mediate binding (attachment, adsorption) and/or trigger membrane fusion or entry through other processes. Infectious bursal disease
virus (IBDV) entry into host cells occurs by recognition of specific cellular receptor(s) with viral envelope glycoprotein, which comprises the initial and key step of infection. Infection can be inhibited by blockage of the process. So the interest in receptors has been stimulated in large part by the
potential in the application of developing substances that show directed blocking activity. While for the purpose one should know which host cell and viral molecules are involved in the reciprocal recognition and interaction leading to the virus entry into the cell. Here, the review presents the currently available knowledge regarding the receptors or molecules that interact with IBDV.

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