Pharmaceutical proteins produced in plant bioreactor in recent years

  • Z He
  • X Du
  • W Yao
  • J Dai
Keywords: Plant bioreactor, pharmaceutical proteins.


Plant bioreactor, also called molecular farming, has enormous potential to produce recombinant proteins infinitely. Products expressed in plants have natural physico-chemical properties and bioactivities. Plant bioreactor could be a safe, economic and convenient production system, and can been widely applied in industries and agricultures, especially in the life science and pharmaceutical industry. The application of transgenic plant in the production of vaccines, antibodies and pharmaceutical proteins has become a hot point in the plant genetic engineering in recent years.
However, there are some limiting factors of application such as yield, downstream processing and so on. Here we review and discuss the advantages and research progress for the pharmaceutical plant
bioreactors in recent three years, focusing on the existing problems and new strategies in this area.

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eISSN: 1684-5315