Taxonomic studies of grasses and their indigenous uses in the salt range area of Pakistan

  • F Ahmad
  • MA Khan
  • M Ahmad
  • M Zafar
  • A Nazir
  • SK Marwat
Keywords: Taxonomic studies, grasses, indigenous uses, salt range.


The present investigations were carried out in Salt Range area of Pakistan, regarding the morphology of grasses as an aid to their correct identification, their distribution and indigenous uses in the area. The
study area is globally known by its large salt reserves and it has rich floral diversity. From the study area 62 species of grasses belonging to 11 tribes were collected. The largest tribe was Paniceae followed by Andropogoneae having 18 and 12 species, respectively. The grasses play an important role in economy of the people of the area. Mainly, grasses are used as fodder in the area; some grasses are used for thatching and for medicinal purpose. There is deterioration of the habitat of grasses due to
overgrazing. In situ conservation is recommended for future research

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315