Fraction V of bovine albumin improves the adherence and survival of adult rat cerebral cortex neurons in primary culture

  • YF Zhang
  • Y Yong
  • X He
  • XH Cheng
  • QD Yang
  • XQ Hu
Keywords: Adult, neocortex, primary culture, fraction V of bovine albumin


Primary embryonic or young neuronal cells are used to study physiology or pathology of neurons. However, they are not optimal as a model for age-related changes in physiology or late-onset disease. Successful culturing of neurons from adult animals, however, has been historically difficult. Because the attack of anoxia and mechanical/chemical force in the course of the single neuron separated from the brain, the adult neocortex neurons may be edema. Since albumin can reduce edema and absorb
toxic, we therefore hypothesized that albumin should improve the neuron survival in vitro. Here, we report that 0.2-0.5% albumin can accelerate neurons adherence to dish bottom, increase the attached cells number, and improve the viability. Our results indicate that fraction V of albumin is an effective supplier for neocortex neurons culture in vitro.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315