Influence of dietary supplementation on biotransformation of locust beans (Parkia biglobosa) to condiment

  • B Daramola
  • OA Fasominu
  • OJ Oje
  • OO Makanju
Keywords: Locust beans, dietary supplementation, biotransformation markers, dietary elements, natural condiment.


Influence of four types of dietary supplements namely; cooked onion extract (COE), Iru water extract (IWE), glucose solution (GLS) and asparagine solution (ASS) on biotransformation of locust beans to
condiment was studied. Assessment of biotransformation markers: free amino acids, free total sugar and total titratable acidity showed that supplementation enhanced biotransformation comparatively to
sample without supplement (COS). Biotransformation was most enhanced at Day 2 in COE and IWE in comparison to GLS, ASS and COS. Assessment of selected dietary elements revealed that some
elements (P, Fe and Mg) decreased during biotraformation. The change may be associated with the necessity of the dietary elements for accomplishment of biotransformation. Analysis of sensory scores
(P=0.05) indicated that supplementation (COE, IWE) conferred no adverse influence on organoleptic characteristics of the condiment.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315