Status of greenhouses in Eastern Mediterranean coastal areas of Turkey

  • D Onder
Keywords: Greenhouse, climate control, greenhouse construction.


The study was carried out in greenhouses at Eastern Mediterranean coastal areas of Turkey in Samandag area of Hatay province where greenhouse production is wide spread. The work undertaken
in 2007 aimed at determining general management problems, structural features and weaknesses and climate control of greenhouses owned by villagers, having only small holdings barely adequate for
supporting their families. 97 greenhouses in 48 holdings were evaluated. Only one greenhouse was glass and the rest was plastic covered. The greenhouses with an area of greater than 1000 square meter were 32%. Regarding roof structures, 63.9% was of arch, 34.0% shallow arch and the remaining 2.1% was of gothic. The single glasshouse that existed in the area had saddle roof. The roof structures did not generally have adequate slopes. The plastic cover material used was mostly PE (79%) with inclusion of UV+IR. Heating of the greenhouses was only for frost protection purpose which adversely affected crop yields and quality. Only 2% of the greenhouses present in the area was constructed based on projects of engineering designs; the remaining were simply of palliative construction with no expert
input. They were usually constructed by growers themselves. Interviews with growers showed that they were quite knowledgeable on best management greenhouse practices; however, the economic
constraints prevent them from using and adopting new greenhouse technologies. There was only one greenhouse where soilless practice was used. The survey work showed that major improvements
regarding types, construction, climate control of greenhouses and crop production methods were essential to improve greenhouse production in the area.

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