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Laboratory scale production of the human recombinant iduronate 2-sulfate sulfatase-Like from Pichia pastoris

HA Córdoba-Ruiz, RA Poutou-Piñales, OY Echeverri-Peña, NA Algecira-Enciso, P Landázuri, H Sáenz, LA Barrera-Avellaneda


Clone IDS28 of the yeast Pichia pastoris expressing the human iduronate 2-sulfate sulfatase-Like (hIDSLike) was employed for low-scale production of the recombinant enzyme in a saline culture media without phosphate. The biological activity found was between 7.3 and 29.5 nmol h-1 mg-1 of total protein. It is about 1.73 to 7 times higher than the result obtained with the same clone in shake flask culture.

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