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Identification of differentially expressed genes in seeds of two Brassica napus mutant lines with different oleic acid content

G Xiao
CY Guan


The regulation of seed oleic acid synthesis in rapeseed is largely unknown. In this study, gene expression pattern during seed development between two Brassica napus mutants was compared. Using immature seeds 27 days after pollination, differentially expressed cDNA clones were identified by
subtractive suppression hybridization (SSH). A total of 480 cDNA clones corresponding to 88 genes were found up-regulated and 18 genes down-regulated in seeds with high oleic acid content. Most of
the differentially expressed genes are related to metabolism and regulation. The possible role of these genes in seeds was discussed. Further analysis of the function of these genes may provide novel targets for manipulation of fatty acid composition in rapeseed.

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eISSN: 1684-5315