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Expression analysis of four flower-specific promoters of <i>Brassica spp.</i> in the heterogeneous host tobacco

A-Q Geng
Z-J Zhao
X-L Nie
X-G Xiao


The 5’-flanking region of ca. 1200 bp upstream of the translation start site (TSS) of a putative cell wall protein gene was cloned from Brassica campestris, B. chinensis, B. napus and B. oleracea, and transferred to tobacco via Agrobacterium-mediation after fused to promoter-less beta-glucuronidase
(GUS) reporter gene. Histochemical GUS staining and fluorometric quantification of the transgenic tobacco showed that all four promoters conferred GUS expression in petal, anther, pollen and stigma of
the flower, not in any vegetative organs or tissues of the plants. A series of 5’-end deletion of the promoter from B. napus disclosed that the region -104 to -17 relative to TSS was sufficient to confer flower-specific expression, and the region -181 to -161 played a key role in maintaining strong driving
power of the promoter. Besides, several enhancer and suppressor regions were also identified in the promoter.

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eISSN: 1684-5315