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Concentrations of heavy metals in soil and leaves of plant species <i>Paulownia elongata</i> S.Y.Hu and <i>Paulownia fortunei Hemsl</i>

M Knezevic
D Stankovic
B Krstic
MS Nikolic
D Vilotic


This paper sums up the results of the research on heavy metals contents (Pb, Ni, Fe, Zn and Mn) in soil and leaves of the plant species, Paulownia elongata S.Y. Hu and Paulownia fortunei Hemsl. at the plantation established on the eutric brown soil in Banat (Vojvodina). The plantation, which served as
the control field is at the municipality of Bela Crkva, far away from the main traffic lines. Concentrations of analyzed heavy metals in the leaves of the tree species, Paulownia growing in urban and suburban conditions were compared with the concentration of polluters in the leaves of the tree species, P. elongata and P. fortunei in the experimental field in Bela Crkva.

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eISSN: 1684-5315