Effect of sorbitol in callus induction and plant regeneration in wheat

  • M Hassan
  • Z Ahmed
  • M Munir
  • SI Malik
  • K Shahzad
Keywords: Callus induction, plant regeneration, wheat, 2, 4-D, sorbitol.


Six wheat genotypes were evaluated for their response to callus induction and regeneration on MS medium modified with different concentrations of sorbitol, that is, 0, 10, 20, 30 gL-1 along with optimum (3 mgL-1) concentration of 2,4-D. Variability was observed among different genotypes for callus induction. Highest callus induction frequency was shown by Wafaq- 2001, which was about 85.62% followed by Inqalab-91 which showed 71.94% callus induction. While minimum callus induction frequency was shown by Saleem-2000 which was about 51.21%. Regarding sorbitol concentration highest average callus induction frequency (79.20%) was obtained at 20 gL-1 and lowest average callus induction frequency (59.20%) was observed at 30 gL-1. In Wafaq-2001 and Inqalab-91 plant regeneration increased gradually by increasing the sorbitol concentration from 0 to 20 gL-1 but then it decreased. Similarly Auqab-2002 had no regeneration al all on non-sorbitol medium but showed regeneration on addition of sorbitol. Similarly time duration required for plant regeneration also decreased by increasing the concentration of sorbitol. It was also observed that sorbitol has given more strength to regenerated plant.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315