Using rating to evaluate quality of peanut products

  • BM Ogunsanwo
  • OOP Faboya
  • OR Idowu
  • GO Adewuyi
Keywords: Peanuts, roasting, peanut butter, kwulinkwuli


Peanuts seeds roasted at 140°C for 40 min for either 25 or 35 min were rated to be of comparable quality with locally available commercial samples. Peanut butter prepared from seeds roasted at160°C for 30 min was also rated to be comparable with commercial samples, while Kwulinkwulis from seeds dry
roasted at 150°C for 25 or 30 min prior to oil roasting of mashed seeds at 170°C for 2 min were accepted by the panel.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315