Cellulase production by Trichoderma sp. on apple pomace under solid state fermentation

  • H Sun
  • X Ge
  • Z Hao
  • M Peng
Keywords: Apple pomace, cellulase, Trichoderma sp.


The feasibility of using apple pomace for cellulase production by Trichoderma sp. under solid state fermentation was evaluated in this study. Our results indicated that initial moisture level of the medium, incubation temperature and inoculum size influenced the cellulase production greatly. The optimum
initial moisture level, incubation temperature and inoculum size were 70%, 32 and 2×108 spores/flask, respectively. The supplement of lactose and corn-steep solid to the apple pomace favored the enzyme formation markedly.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315