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Morphological and pomological traits of almond phenotypes (Amygdalus communis L.) isolated from their natural population

F Striki, M Raduni, I Paskovi, T Klepo, Z Cmelik


Seven phenotypes were isolated from a natural population of almonds (Amygdalus communis L.) and more positive traits than the standard varieties that were cultivated, were identified. Over the period of three years, phenological and pomological research was conducted in situ, along with the observation of vegetative traits and productivity of isolated phenotypes. The research was conducted on the basis of the 2.11 (IBPGR) descriptor for the identification of Prunus varieties. Phenotypes K1, K4, K6 showed the best results. The research will be continued through a comparative experiment with the selected phenotypes in equal agro-ecological conditions.

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