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Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel expressed sequence tag (EST) associated with fecundity in goats

YQ He, J Kong, XK Ma, CX Zhang, XY Liu, HQ Chen


To screen the genes controlling the fecundity traits in goats, a DDRT-PCR technique was applied. We found a new EST which highly expressed in Chinese native prolific goat breed, Haimen goats. There exists a difference of EST expression level between the prolific and non-prolific goat breed, indicating EST might associate to fecundity in goats. A full-length cDNA with 2253 base pairs was obtained by the 3’- and 5’-RACE method based on the EST sequence encoding a protein segment of 201 amino acid residues. Tissue specific distribution and sequence analysis implicated the likely involvement of EST in the regulation of the hormones related to fecundity.
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