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Nitrogen supplements effect on amylase production by Aspergillus niger using cassava whey medium

CE Oshoma, EE Imarhiagbe, MJ Ikenebomeh, HE Eigbaredon


The production of amylase by Aspergillus niger on three cassava whey media in liquid shake culture was compared. The supplemented cassava whey (SCW) medium exhibited gave amylase activity of 495 U/ml. Biomass cropped was 1.63 g/l in the SCW medium. Yeast extract employed as a nitrogen
supplement increased biomass yield of A. niger to 2.75 g/l with maximum amylase activity of 643 U/ml. Sodium nitrate (NaNO3) as nitrogen supplement had the lowest biomass yield of 0.77 g/l and amylase activity of 206 U/ml. Thus yeast extract as nitrogen supplement of cassava whey medium supported maximum production of amylase and biomass of A. niger.
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