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Studies on hemorrhagic pneumonia in Moschus sifanicus

H Lu, YD Huang, BY Zhao, JJ Hu, QF Li, RW Dieter


A series of investigations were carried out including epidemiology, etiology and pathology on hemorrhagic pneumonia in Moschus sifanicus, which had prevailed in Xinglong Mountain National Nature Reserve District in Gansu province of China. The results indicated that the prevalence of this
disease could be correlated with local humidity in Xinglong Mountain in Gansu province of China. The disease is caused by single infection of Pasteurella multocida or mix of P. multocida, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and is a contagious disease. The pathological changes were mainly manifested in the vessel wall of bronchia and bronchiole appeared congested, bleeding, edemic with infiltration of inflammatory cells, mucosa of bronchiole degenerates, with the presence of necrosis and exfoliation, pulmonary alveolus generated suppuration, disaggregation and necrosis. It was concluded that the diseases are mainly caused by local bacteria and affected M. sifanicus finally die of hemorrhagic or purulent, necrotic pneumonia.
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