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Comparison of pyrethrins extraction methods efficiencies

D Ban
B Sladonja
M Luki
I Luki
V Lušeti
KK Gani
D Žnidaricic


Extraction efficiency of insecticidal active compounds from dried Dalmatian pyrethrum flowers (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium /Trevir/Vis) was tested using different techniques and solvents. The research included six treatments which are the combination of two techniques (soxtec and ultrasound) and three different solvents (hexane, ethanol and petroleum ether). Dalmatian pyrethrum is a perennial herb native to Croatia. Its powder prepared from dried flower heads has been used as natural
insecticide for centuries in traditional Croatian farming systems. It has no toxicity to man and animals but possesses ecological benefits that have led to increasing worldwide production of this natural insecticide. Nowadays, it is cultivated mainly at higher altitudes in tropical countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The present investigation was directed in identifying a simple and reliable extraction treatment using solvents with lower cost and toxicity and an adequate method for the identification and separation of active compounds (pyrethrins) with possible application in enterprises or industry. Best developed method was used for determination of pyrethrin content in three different natural populations of Chrysanthemum. The results revealed high content of total pyrethrins in
populations grown in Croatia. Developed method and good quality product give a possibility for this culture to become again an exporting and economically valid product for Croatia.

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eISSN: 1684-5315