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Determining sucrose recovery in Saccarrum officinarum L. using regression and correlation analyses

MK Ilyas, FA Khan


Fourteen genotypes of sugarcane, Saccharium officinarum (L.), were evaluated for twelve characters and analyzed for genotypic correlation, phenotypic correlation and coefficients of determination were calculated through stepwise regression analysis to construct the regression models for selection of better sugarcane types. High variation was observed for all the characters including sucrose contents. Varying degrees of correlation coefficients were observed, genotypic being of higher magnitude that
indicated the genotypic influence for determining a particular trait. Stepwise regression analysis showed the effects of individual characters and the effects in combination contribute the maximum variation (36.0%) to sucrose percentage while two variable model using internodal length and number of tillers plant-1 that accounts for maximum variation of 40.1%. Variation for sucrose content on single factor basis was caused by tillers, therefore, this character was the most important to increase overall sucrose of S. officinarum L. However, second variable model exhibited that tillers and internodal length were important traits for increasing overall sucrose in sugarcane.

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