Structural analysis and functional characteristics of greenhouses in the Mediterranean region of Turkey

  • NY Emekli
  • B Kendirli
  • A Kurunc
Keywords: Greenhouse, structural analysis, functional characteristic, dead and dynamic loads, Mediterranean region


This study was carried out to determine the structural analysis and functional characteristics of the greenhouses in the Mediterranean region where 87% of the greenhouse production area in Turkey is concentrated. Information about types, material and construction properties, placement and arrangement of greenhouses in the research area was gathered by questionnaires; then greenhouses in enterprises were divided into three groups based on the covering material, load bearing materials and
directional placement. Five greenhouse types with the most economic cross-section were selected and loads acting on structural members of these were calculated. The stretch ratios, resulting from loads acting on beams of each greenhouse, were analyzed by SAP2000 program. Also, the stretch ratios as per whether greenhouse types and covering materials have a statistically significant effect were examined. According to the obtained data, it was found that all of the selected greenhouses could not
carry the dead and/or dynamic loads safely. It was also obtained that covering material has a significant effect on dead loads but not on dynamic loads at 0.05 probability levels whereas dead and dynamic
loads were significantly affected by structural materials of the  greenhouses.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315