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Effects of moisture content on some physical properties of red pepper (<i>Capsicum annuum</i> L.) seed

Ne Üçer
A Kiliçkan
I Yalçin


The physical properties of red pepper seed were evaluated as a function of moisture content. The average length, width and thickness were 4.46, 3.66 and 0.79 mm, respectively, at 7.27% d.b. moisture content. In the moisture range of 7.27 to 20.69% dry basis (d.b.), studies on rewetted red pepper seed showed that the thousand seed mass increased from 7.97 to 8.89 g, the projected area from 8.40 to 9.09 mm2, the sphericity from 0.525 to 0.555 and the terminal velocity from 4.36 to 4.51 m s-1. The static coefficient of friction of red pepper seed increased linearly against surfaces of four structural materials, namely, rubber (0.394 to 0.477), aluminium (0.255 to 0.382), stainless steel (0.298 to 0.416) and galvanised iron (0.319 to 0.395) as the moisture content increased from 7.27 to 20.69% d.b. The bulk density decreased from 402.1 to 360.0 kg m-3, the true density from 795.2 to 746.3 kg m-3 and the porosity increased from 49.43 to 51.76%, respectively, with an increase in moisture content from 7.27 to 20.69% d.b.

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eISSN: 1684-5315