Karyotype and C-banding analyses of haploid male chromosomes of Apis florea F.

  • N Asadi
  • SM Ghafari
  • AA Gharahdaghi
  • GHH Tahmasebi
  • S Khederzadeh
Keywords: Honeybee, Apis florea F., karyotype, C-banding


Chromosomes, with detailed karyotype information (number, shape, total length, relative length, arm ratio and centromeric index) and C-banding patterns in the somatic division of haploid male of Apis florae in Iran are described. Samples were obtained from the colonies in south of Iran. Prior to the swarming season, drone-brood cells were added adjoining to the lower rows of the worker-brood cells. Testes from young larvae were removed, fixed in acetic acid methanol (1:3), and stored at -20°C. The slides pretreatment were made by usual air dry method. C-banding and staining was carried out by barium hydroxide and Giemsa solution. Sixteen chromosomes of this species were observed and divided into two groups, 4 metacentric (no.1, 4, 7, 11), 12 sub metacentric and sub telocentric.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315