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Water management and reuse opportunities in a thermal power plant in Jordan

B Al Smadi, K Al-Zboon, T Al-Azab


The Rehab power plant located in the Northern part of Jordan is presented as a case study of industrial water management. This power plant consumes boiler feed water in the amount of 200 m3/d of the fresh
ground water available from nearby wells and it produces 193 m3/d of wastewater. Fifty seven water samples were taken from the different water treatment unit's effluents to evaluate the efficiency of these treatment units. Also, sixteen samples from the generated waste streams were taken and analyzed to characterize the wastewater of the different streams. It was found that the water treatment system provided water of much higher quality than needed for the boiler feed. The practice at the power plant
was to dispose of the generated wastewater into an evaporation pond that caused non compliance with environmental regulations and discarding of significant water reuse opportunities. It was found that 131 m3/d of the wastewater were of high quality and could be recycled inside the power plant after treatment by the existing water treatment system. Other reuse options were discussed and recommendations were provided for better operation of the water treatment systems and for reuse of the industrial water. The given scenarios will result in monetary savings and in aesthetical benefits.

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