The perception of Agricultural Researchers about the Role of Nanotechnology in Achieving Food Security

  • SJF Hosseini
  • S Dehyouri
  • SM Mirdamadi
Keywords: Agricultural researchers, nanotechnology, Isfahan Province, food security.


Agricultural researchers in the Province of Isfahan were surveyed in order to explore their perception about role of nanotechnology in food security. The methodology used in this study involved a combination of descriptive and quantitative research and included the use of correlation, regression and descriptive analysis as data processing methods. The total population for this study was 76 agriculture researchers in the Isfahan Province. Data were collected through interview schedules. Based on the results of the mean score, researchers did not agree that nanotechnology could help in achieving food security, although they believed this technology could have more impact on affordability and safety of food products than other dimension of food security. As regression analysis showed, necessary conditions for application of nanotechnology, producing agricultural products, consuming nanotechnology products and constraints in application of nanotechnology caused 21% of variance on the perception of researchers regarding the role of nanotechnology in achieving food security. Based on the perception of respondents, the main constraint in application of nanotechnology in agricultural sector was regulatory constraints.

Key words: Agricultural researchers, nanotechnology, Isfahan Province, food security.


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eISSN: 1684-5315