Regeneration of base-oil from waste-oil under different conditions and variables

  • FB Hani
  • H Al-Wedyan
Keywords: Waste oil, base-oil, regeneration of base-oil.


The demand for lubricants is continuously increasing with the increase in the establishment of factories and the tremendous increase in the number of vehicles and other means of transportation. The oil consumed can be a great source of contamination if it is thrown as a waste or can be considered as a new source of energy if properly used, and all depends on methods of how oil can be reused. This study shows how to be innovative on reusing waste-oil while keeping the basic characteristics of base oil. In this experiment, a process known as acid clay is used to restore the basic characteristics of original oil. The oil-waste is collected from different places and a number of experiments are conducted under different conditions with different set of variables. The impact of these variables on the quality of the product is discussed. The possibility of restoring and reviving nearly two-thirds of the oil consumed is proved in this investigation.

Key words: Waste oil, base-oil, regeneration of base-oil.


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eISSN: 1684-5315