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Effect of feeding different levels of corn snack waste on broiler performance

N Zand, F Foroudi


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of using corn snack waste on growth performance, carcass traits and economical efficiency of broiler chicks. Five hundred Ross 308 day-old broiler chicks were divided randomly into 20 pens. There were 25 chicks in each pen which consists of 4 treatments (4 levels of waste corn snack) with five  replicates. Corn snack waste had been considered in grower and finisher periods in level 170, 300 and 500 g/Kg of diet. Usage of corn snack waste had reduced (P<0.05) feed intake and weight gain of broiler chicks. However usage of corn snack waste in broiler chick's diet in levels 170 and 350 g/Kg increased feed conversion ratio and in level  500 g/Kg, feed conversion ratio were improved (p<0.05). The usage of corn snack waste was induced by the negative effect on performance of carcass and weight thigh, but reduced breast meat weight also reduces  abdominal fat, and had no effect on liver, heart, gastrointestinal tract (p<0.05).

Keyword: Corn snack waste, corn by-product, broiler performance, broiler diet.

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