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Moisture dependent of some physical and morphological properties of dent corn (<i>Zea mays var. indentətə Sturt</i>) seeds

I Sezer
A Balkaya
O Karaağaç
F Öner


In this study, physical properties of seeds of Simon and Goldeclat dent corn (Zea mays var. indentətə sturt) cultivars as a function of moisture content were evaluated. Three levels of moisture ranging from 12.76 to 17.0% (dry basis), and 11.09 to 16.48% (dry basis) were used for Simon and Goldeclat cv., respectively. The averaged length, width, thickness, arithmetic and geometric mean diameter of seeds ranged from 10.54, 7.26, 4.57, 116.46 and 7.04 mm for Simon cv.; 10.80, 6.89, 4.81, 119.42 and 7.09 mm for Goldeclat cv., respectively. The sphericity, volume and surface area increased linearly from 0.668 to 0.684, 125.94 to 162.51 mm3, 131.13 to 154.37 mm2 for Simon cv.; 0.657 to 0.670, 128.19 to 155.63 mm3, 133.18 to 150.89 mm2 for Goldeclat cv., respectively. The bulk densities decreased from 762.60 to 675.51 kg/m3 and from 783.37 to 714.48 kg/m3 and true densities decreased from 1425.07 to 1367.35 kg/m3 and from 1455.0 to 1396.36 kg/m3 for Simon and Goldeclat cv., respectively, whereas, the angle of repose increased from 23.50 to 26.65° band from 21.86 to 25.27°. The static coefficients for friction of dent corn seeds were determined steel, plywood, wood, glass and galvanized sheet at various moisture contents. The highest static coefficient of friction was found on the wood and the lowest on the glass sheet among the materials tested.

Key words: Dent corn, physical properties, moisture content, dimensions, density.

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eISSN: 1684-5315