Evaluation of bread wheat genotypes for salinity tolerance under saline field conditions

  • M Ahmad
  • M Munir
  • I Ahmad
  • M Yousuf
Keywords: Genetic divergence, bread wheat, field evaluation, salinity tolerance.


In two consecutive seasons (2007-08 and 2008-09), field experiments were conducted at Soil Salinity Research Institute, Pindi Bhattian and Biosaline Agricultural Research Station, Pakka Aana, Pakistan. During 2007-08, 103 wheat landrace genotypes were evaluated for salinity tolerance. During 2008-09, 47 selected genotypes were evaluated at the same locations. Combined analysis of both locations during both years revealed that genotypes differed significantly for plant height, dry biomass m-2, fertile tillers plan-1, spike length, grain spike-1, 1000 seed weight and yield m-2. Grain yield had strong positive correlation with plant height, dry biomass, spike length, spikelets spike-1, grain spike-1 and 1000 grain weight. Due to this positive correlation, yield can be used as a selection criterion under saline field conditions. Accessions 10807 (Pak), 11299 (Pak), 11917 (Iran) and cultivars Pavon (Pak) performed better during both years. These genotypes could be effectively used as new sources of salt tolerance.

Key words: Genetic divergence, bread wheat, field evaluation, salinity tolerance.


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eISSN: 1684-5315