Quantification of virus syndrome in chili peppers

  • JL González-Pérez
  • MC Espino-Gudiño
  • L Torres-Pacheco
  • RG Guevara-González
  • G Herrera-Ruiz
  • V Rodríguez-Hernández
Keywords: Quantification, plant diseases, severity, syndrome, viruses.


One of the most important problems to produce chili crops is the presence of diseases caused by pathogen agents, such as viruses, therefore, there is a substantial necessity to better predict the behavior of the diseases of these crops, determining a more precise quantification of the disease’s syndrome that allows the investigators to evaluate better practices, from handling to the experimental level and will permit producers to take opportunistic corrective action thereby, reducing production loses and increasing the quality of the crop. This review discussed methods that have been used for the quantification of disease in plants, specifically for chili peppers crops, thereby, suggesting a better alternative for the quantification of the disease’ syndromes in regards to this crop. The result of these reflections indicates that most methods used for quantification are based on visual assessments, discarding differences of data between distinctive evaluators. These methods generate subjective results.

Key words: Quantification, plant diseases, severity, syndrome, viruses.


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eISSN: 1684-5315