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Antifungal activity of root, bark, leaf and soil extracts of <i>Androstachys johnsonii</i> Prain

GM Molotja
MH Ligavha-Mbelengwa
RB Bhat


Extracts of leaf, root, soil and bark of Androstachys johnsonii Prain (commonly called Lembobo ironwood) screened for antifungal activity had a significant inhibitory effect on the most of fungi tested in this investigation. Of the four fungi tested in the present study Fusarium solani was significantly inhibited by all extracts (that is, 0.01% of leaf, root, bark; 0.1% leaf, root, soil and bark; 1% of leaf, root, soil and bark) of A. johnsonii from the lowest to the highest dilution. Aspergillus flavus was inhibited by all extracts except 0.01% soil and bark leachates, whereas Aspergillus niger was killed by root and soil extracts at all concentrations. The fourth fungus Trichoderma harzianum was inhibited by all extracts of A. johnsonii ( that is, 0.01% of leaf, root and bark; 0.1% of leaf, root, bark and soil and 1% of leaf, root, bark and soil extracts) except 0.01% soil extract. Therefore, we conclude that the crude extracts of A. johnsonii exhibit significant antifungal activity. It would not be a wise idea to remove A. johnsonii and use the site for agricultural practices; instead this tree can be used as a medicine to treat diseases caused by fungi.

Key words: Antifungal activity, Androstachys johnsonii, leaf, bark, roots, soil.