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Corn stover-enhanced cellulase production by Aspergillus niger NRRL 567

MI Ghori, S Ahmed, MA Malana, A Jamil


The production of extracellular cellulases by Aspergilus niger NRRL 567 on corn stover was studied in liquid state fermentation. In this study, three cellulases, exoglucanase (EXG), endoglucanase (EG) and β-glucosidase (BGL) were produced by A. niger NRRL 567. The optimal pH, temperature and incubation time for cellulases production was found to be 3.5, 30°C and 96 h, respectively. Maximal cellulases activities were achieved with 4% corn stover, 0.1% molasses and 1% yeast sludge. To our knowledge, this is the first report on production of cellulases by using corn stover as a substrate from A. niger NRRL 567.

Key words: Corn stover, yeast sludge, cellulases, Aspergi l lus niger .

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