Biologically-based strategies to reduce postharvest losses of tomato

  • EF Abd_Allah
  • A Hashem
  • A Al-Huqail
Keywords: Biological control, general appearance, Bacillus subtilis


The preharvest employment of Bacillus subtilis was highly effective in an augmentation of fruit set and improves general apperance of tomato at harvest. Cooling technology supported the poential of B. subtilis, in particularly prevention of postharvest losses of tomato fruits within marketing context. Furthermore, the resultant inhibition of color development and improvement of sensory traits of tomato fruits due to the preharvest application of our formulated B. subtilis with the help of cooling technology were indicative of general inhibition of senescence and ripening. This biologically-based strategy deserves further development and application under commercial requirements especially in developing countries like Egypt, where refrigeration is inadequate.

Key words: Biological control, general appearance, Bacillus subtilis.


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eISSN: 1684-5315