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Comparison of ν-support vector regression and logistic equation for descriptive modeling of Lactobacillus plantarum growth

L Zhang, Z Song, X Pan, M Feng, Z Jin


Due to the complexity and high non-linearity of bioprocess, most simple mathematical models fail to describe the exact behavior of biochemistry systems. As a novel type of learning method, support vector regression (SVR) owns the powerful capability to characterize problems via small sample, nonlinearity, high dimension and local minima. In this paper, we developed a ν-SVR model with genetic algorithms (GA) in the pre-estimate in Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation by comparing the predicting capability of logistic model and SVR model. 5-fold cross validation technique was applied in the SVR train to avoid over-fitting. The information of SVR parameters were obtained in the generation of 150 and the optimal parameters were C= 235.8935, σ= 8.3608, ν=0.7587. Correspondingly, the logistic model parameters μmax and xmaxwere estimated as 0.4791 and 0.3498, respectively. The experimental results demonstrated that, SVR model excelled the logistic model based on the normalized mean square error (NMSE), mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) and the Pearson correlation coefficient R. We found that the ν-SVR model optimized by genetic algorithms could be a potential monitoring method for prediction of biomass.

Key words: Support vector regression, genetic algorithm, logistic model, prediction of biomass.

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