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Antibacterial action of an aqueous grape seed polyphenolic extract

VS Chedea, C Braicu, F Chirilǎ, C Ober, C Socaciu


The potential of a polyphenolic grape seed extract for use as a natural antibacterial agent was evaluated. Pure catechin (CS) and a previously LC-MS characterized grape seed phenolic extract (PE) were evaluated as antibacterial agents against Escherichia coli and Brevibacterium linens on solid and in liquid culture media. After 48 h incubation on solid medium, PE had a bactericidal effect on the gram positive B. linens and a reduction of the microbial growth for E. coli. The antibacterial agents tested were effective against E. coli for 13 h, after 7 h incubation, but ineffective against B.linens in liquid medium. CS and PE both had an antibacterial effect depending on incubation time.

Key words: Catechin, polyphenolic extract, antibacterial activity, Brevibacterium linens, Escherichia coli B41.

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