A new taxol-producing fungus (Pestalotiopsis malicola) and evidence for taxol as a transient product in the culture

  • J Bi
  • Y Ji
  • J Pan
  • Y Yu
  • H Chen
  • X Zhu
Keywords: Taxol, saprophyte, Pestalotiopsis.


Fungal production of the anti-tumor taxol is an effective way of making this drug in industries. We reported here a new taxol-producing fungus, NK101, from plant debris in the soil. Based on the culture characteristics, conidia structure and molecular evidence, NK101 was classified as Pestalotiopsis malicola. Taxol was verified in both the culture and the mycelium in a high level (186 μg/L). The time course of yield suggests that taxol was present as a transient product in the fungus. This work may show the diversity of using fungi to produce taxol.

Key words: Taxol, saprophyte, Pestalotiopsis.


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eISSN: 1684-5315