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Studies of the genetic diversity of seven sweetsop (Annona squamosa L.) cultivars by amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis

Z Zhichang, H Guibing, O Ruo, L Yunchum, C Yeyuan, L Shirong


Seven sweetsop germplasm resources were studied, and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis system was established by detecting the results of several reactions, such as DNA extraction, enzyme restriction, ligation, preamplification and selective amplification in the reaction system of AFLP. The seven germplasm resources of sweetsop were studied by using AFLP technique, and UPGMA clustering results showed genetic distance of 0.572 ~ 0.818. Small genetic distance was 0.572 between ‘Yuanhua’ sweetsop and other sweetsop cultivars; high genetic distance was 0.818 between ‘AP’ and ‘Fenglishijia’ sweetsop. These results suggested that there was relative family relationship between them. This aims to study the family relationship in seven sweetsop germplasms resources, in order to select parents in sweetsop breeding and grafted rootstock.

Key words: Sweetsop, DNA extraction, amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), genetic diversity.

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