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Determination of fatty acid composition in seed oils of some important berry species and genotypes grown in Tokat Province of Turkey

N Yilmaz, O Beyhan, O Beyhan, R Gerçekçioğlu, R Gerçekçioğlu, Z Kalayci, Z Kalayci


This study was conducted to determine fatty acid composition in seed oils of four rose hips genotypes (Rosa canina L.), one Rosa montana L., one elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) and guelder rose genotypes (Wiburnum opulus L.) growing in Tokat ecological conditions. As such, fatty acid contents were determined by GC. According to the findings, the amount and kinds of fatty acid contents in all fruit varieties and genotypes showed significant differences. It was determined that oleic acid and linoleic acid levels of all genotypes varied from 5,784 to 51,740% and 6,228 to 43,210%, respectively. In addition, it was determined by the findings of this study that palmitic acid and docosaheksaenoic acid (DHA) of these genotypes were similarly found as 1.183 to 7.702%, but no linolenic acid (ω-3) was found in some genotypes. Thus, linoleic acid level of Ar-11 genotype was higher (43.210%) than the others.

Key words: Rosa canina, Rosa montana, elderberry, guelder rose, fatty acid composition.
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