Postharvest quality of carrot cultivars, packaged and in bulk

  • M Gioppo
  • JR Olinik
  • RA Ayub
Keywords: Daucus carota L., postharvest, weight loss.


This study aimed at evaluating the postharvest durability of different carrot cultivars stored in bulk. The experimental design was completely randomized, with four repetitions. The treatments were arranged in a 3 x 2 factorial design comprising three cultivars (Brasília RL and AF-1620 from SAKATA, and Alvorada from EMBRAPA) and two forms of conservation (on polystyrene trays covered with PVC plastic film and in bulk). Mass loss was higher in carrots stored in bulk than in packaged carrots. ‘Brasília RL’ presented the highest number of sprouts when stored in bulk (48.5%) and the largest number of carrots with radicels (54.7%). The hybrid AF-1620 cv. presented the lowest number of sprouts when packaged (49%). The average number of carrots with radicels during this study was 14.7 and 75.5% with and without packaging, respectively. Packaged carrots showed a higher percentage of rot (5.4%) than carrots stored in bulk (0.7%). ‘Brasília RL’ showed the largest percentage of rotten carrots (10.8%). The Brasília RL, Alvorada and AF-1620 cultivars showed β-carotene concentrations of 351, 405 and 543 μg.100g-1, respectively, without variations over time. Conservation in bulk extended to 14 days, while packaged product remained conserved for 8 days.

Key words: Daucus carota L., postharvest, weight loss.


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eISSN: 1684-5315