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Photobleaching of Sn(IV) chlorine e6 dichloride trisodium salt in different environments

KA Al-Khaza’leh
K Omar
MS Jaafar


The photobleaching of Sn(IV) chlorine e6 dichloride trisodiuim salt in variety of solvents was investigated. The absorption of photosensitizer in polar solvent was much higher than in non-polar solvent. The results prove that this photosensitizer was high water soluble. The photosensitizer absorption decreased at all bands for all solvents. Increasing the irradiation time leads to gradual decrease in the absorption of photosensitizer in solvents. The photosensitizer binding to the protein will result in a reduction of the diffusional movement of the photosensitizer to equalize the protein. The presence of serum in the environment leads to increase in the photobleaching rate and response to light as well. A new peak position of absorption was observed in the ultra violet region with the presence of serum. Singlet oxygen was found to be responsible for photobleaching.

Key words: Sn(IV) chlorine e6, photobleaching, photoproduct.

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eISSN: 1684-5315