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Study of safflower on blood lactate concentration and exercise function of mice after exercise

J Guoquan
L Yueying


Effects of safflower extracts on anti-fatigue and exercise function of mice were studied in this paper. The blood lactate concentration (BLA) experiment results indicated that the BLA of mice in the experimental groups were significantly lower than that in the control groups (p < 0.05) after swimming and rolling stick exercise. The exercise function of mice was evaluated by a calculation of the rolling-stick time, swimming endurance time and hypoxia tolerance time. The results showed that both rolling-stick and swimming endurance time of mice in the experimental groups were significantly prolonged (p < 0.05) with regards to the control groups. Following the treatment, the hypoxia tolerance time of mice in the low-dose group was significantly longer (p < 0.05) when compared with the control group. It was therefore concluded that safflower can relieve the exercise-induced fatigue of mice evidently and enhance the physical strength, endurance and exercise coordinating ability of mice, while the cardiac fitness and hypoxia tolerance of mice were improved.

Key words: Safflower extracts, animal, anti-fatigue, hypoxia tolerance, blood lactate concentration.

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eISSN: 1684-5315