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Yield and yield components of six canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars affected by planting date and water deficit stress

Y Sharghi, AHS Rad, AA Band, G Noormohammadi, H Zahedi


In order to study the effect of planting dates and different irrigation regimes on yield and yield components of six canola cultivars, an experiment was conducted in two growing seasons; 2008 to 2009 and 2009 to 2010. Six canola cultivars (Zarfam, GKH1103, GKH1605, GKH2005, GKH305 and GKH3705) were cultivated in two different dates (October 7th and November 6th) with two levels of irrigation regimes (irrigation after 60 mm evaporation from Class A evaporation pan and irrigation interrupting at flowering stage). The experiments were conducted in randomized complete block design arrangement in split factorial with four replications The results demonstrated that late planting date and interrupting of irrigation at flowering stage significantly decreased growth, yield and yield components the of canola cultivars. In addition, oil yield was affected by late planting and water stress and it was dramatically decreased. Also, there was no significant difference among the cultivars with respect to oil percentage. The highest seed yield (5930.4 kg. ha-1) was obtained from GKH1103 cultivars planted on October 7th under the conditions of full irrigation. Seed yield and oil yield in the second year was more than that of the first year; this increase was related to the increase in seed weight and pod number per plant but not to number of seed per pod. In general, canola cultivation on November 6th considerably decreased seed and oil yield and it is an important point to achieve desirable yield to seed sowing not done later than October 7th. Additionally, complementary irrigation was very important to gain high yield in canola under the conditions of this study.

Key words: Canola, planting date, water stress, yield and yield components.
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