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Sorghum cobalt analysis on not determined wave length with atomic absorption spectrophotometer on background correction mode

BH Park, YH Kim, JD Lee, JW Park, HJ Lee, SM Yoo, DK Cho, BK Park, DM Song, DW Kim, SA Kim


This study was to know the better wave length on measuring cobalt content in forage sorghum hybrid (Sorghum bicolor) with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The analysis was on background correction mode with three wave lengths; 240.8, 240.7 (determined wave length or recommended wave length) and 240.6 nm, respectively. The larger absorbance value on the 240.7 nm, apparently, it might be considered as a good wave length but the smaller background value was a more important factor for the analysis as was shown on 240.6 nm. Correlation coefficients between the values on 240.7 nm: 240.6 nm and between them (240.8 nm: 240.6 nm) were higher and this common 240.6 nm was considered the better wave length.

Key words: Atomic absorption spectrophotometer; background correction mode, cobalt analysis, forage sorghum, not determined wave lengths.
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