New laccase-producing fungi isolates with biotechnological potential in dye decolorization

  • R Tapia-Tussell
  • D Pérez-Brito
  • R Rojas-Herrera
  • A Cortes-Velazquez
  • G Rivera-Muñoz
  • S Solis-Pereira
Keywords: Laccase, Trametes hirsuta, dye decolorization, PCR fingerprinting.


Thirty six (36) native fungal strains from the state of Yucatan were first screened for ligninolytic activity on solid media containing ABTS. Molecular identification based on ITS rDNA region and PCR fingerprinting of seven selected fungi isolates were carried out. Molecular characterization based on genetic fingerprinting was helpful in determining unequivocally the differences between isolates at genera and species levels. The seven isolates showed ABTS oxidation zones in plates but only five strains produced extracellular laccase. The strains identified as Trametes hirsuta (GenBank accession numbers GQ280372 and GQ280373) showed the highest laccase production. The strain Bm-2 displayed the greatest laccase activity and dye decolourization ability in 72 h without the addition of mediators. Both the high laccase activity shown by Bm-2 and its ability to decolorize dyes are a good indication of its possible use in the treatment of textile effluents.

Key words: Laccase, Trametes hirsuta, dye decolorization, PCR fingerprinting.


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eISSN: 1684-5315