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Probability to produce animal vaccines in insect baculovirus expression system

B Roy, S Liang, P Zhang, MX Wang, F Zhou, WCC David, YG Miao


The insect baculovirus expression system is a valuable tool for the production of vaccine. Many subunit vaccines have been expressed in this system. The first vaccine produced in insect cells for animal use is now in the market. In this study, we reviewed recent progress of animal’s vaccine production for different expression levels and baculovirus genome stability, characteristic features of baculovirus expression vector system (BVES), virus link particles, baculovirus expression in mammalian cell and methodology of produce subunit vaccines. This review showed that BVES is a fantastic tool for vaccine development and it has wonderful feature for future animal vaccine development.

Key words: Baculovirus expression system, vaccine, subunit vaccine, DNA vaccine.
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