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Seasonal variation of mercury vapor concentrations in industrial, residential, and traffic areas of Ahvaz city, Southwest Iran

MS Sekhavatjou, AH Alhashem, SS Taghavirad, G Goudarzi, AR Mollaee


Mercury has been known as a toxic substance that could raise potential risks to human health. The main anthropogenic sources of mercury pollution in air include combustion of fossil fuel, metal smelting and processing, and vehicle transportation all of which exist in Ahvaz city in Southwestern Iran. Ambient air mercury vapor concentrations were measured in summer and winter in industrial, residential and traffic areas in five sampling points. Results show that mercury level was high in sampling point near steel companies and it was lowest in the residential zone. Also, the average amounts of mercury vapor were 19.9 and 20.7 ng/m3 in summer and winter, respectively.

Key words: Air pollution, mercury vapor, urban area, emission source, Ahvaz city, Iran.

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