The effects of different nitrogen doses on herbage and seed yields of annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum cv. caramba)

  • A Kusvuran
Keywords: Crude protein, fodder crops, herbage yield, seed yield, nitrogen doses.


This study has been carried out during the growing seasons of 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 in Turkey, to determine the effects of different nitrogen doses on the herbage (150, 230, 310, 390, 470, 550, 630 and 710 kg ha-1) and seed yields (150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 250, 270 and 290 kg ha-1) of and some agricultural characteristics of annual ryegrass cv. “caramba”. Two different trials were established separately for the production of herbage and seed in the research. According to the two-year research, applications of different nitrogen doses are observed to be important for all properties of herbage yield and properties except for plant height of seed yield. As a result, the highest forage yield in annual ryegrass with the aim of green herbage is obtained to be of (54834 kg ha-1) 470 and (54976 kg ha-1) 550 kg ha-1 at nitrogen levels, plant height (71.9 cm), crude protein ratio (21.2%) and the yield of crude protein is (1982 kg ha-1) 470 kg ha-1. It was obtained for the seed production that the highest number of tiller (626 item/m2), fertile tiller number (483 item/m2) and grain yield are (0.54 mg) 210 kg ha-1, spikelet number per grain is (32.7 item) 250 kg ha-1 and (33.6 item) 270 kg ha-1, the highest seed yield is (343 kg ha-1) 250 kg ha-1 from the nitrogen dose application. In the light of information, the highest values were obtained from total 470 kg ha-1 nitrogen application in herbage production and 250 kg ha-1 in seed production.

Key words: Crude protein, fodder crops, herbage yield, seed yield, nitrogen doses.


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