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Effect of various nutrient combinations on growth and body composition of rohu (Labeo rohita)

K Umer, M Ali, R Iqbal, A Latif, M Naeem, S Qadir, M Latif, RS Shaikh, F Iqbal


A total of 80 Labeo rohita fingerlings (mean body weight, 14.7 ± 0.08 g and length, 11.0 ± 0.16 cm) were randomly distributed into four treatments with 20 replicates each, for 60 days, to determine the effect of different feed compositions on the growth and body composition of L. rohita. Four isoenergetic (17.05 ± 0.24 kJ g-1) experimental diet viz., control (C), protein rich (PR), fat rich (FR) and carbohydrate rich (CR) were formulated. The proximate composition protein/fat/carbohydrate (P/F/C) of formulated feed were C: P35/F8/C2, PR: P40/F8/C2, FR: P35/F10/C2 and CR: P35/F8/C5. The daily ration size was 5% of fish body weight. The result reveals a highly significant (P≤0.001) difference in specific growth rate (SGR), weight gain (WG) and protein efficiency (PE) among four feeding groups, while differences were significant for feed conversion ratio (FCR). FR showed maximum growth together with high body fat, CR showed low body fat and high proteins. Results indicate that increasing fat up to 9% in diet showed better growth as compared to increasing dietary protein and carbohydrates

Key words: Labeo rohita, diet composition, specific growth rate, protein efficiency, body composition.
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