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Evaluation on the resistance to aphids of wheat germplasm resources in China

H Zhou
J Chen
D Cheng
F Francis
Y Liu
J Sun
Y Huang
X Wang
X Liu
L Xiaoming
J Zeng


A collection of more than 200 wheat lines from the main wheat-producing areas of China was evaluated for resistance to wheat aphids, using fuzzy recognition technique in five field experiments over 2 years. The results show that susceptibility to wheat aphids was exhibited in most of the lines tested, and no immune and highly resistant lines to wheat aphids was observed. The average percentage of wheat germplasm lines with resistant, lowly susceptible, moderately susceptible and highly susceptible to aphid were 9.30, 23.15, 42.32, and 25.23%, respectively. 5 moderately resistant wheat germplasm lines to wheat aphids (Lantian18, Lantian20, Lantian22, Lantian00-30 and Shanmai175) were found in Jiangyou experimental station in 2009. More importantly, 2 wheat germplasm lines (Lantian20, Lantian22) with the continuous resistance to wheat aphid in the five experimental stations over 2 years were discovered. Although, resistance of wheat germplasm lines had a close relation to their genetics and inheritance, we also found that the resistance of the same wheat germplasm lines was varied in different experimental stations. It would be helpful to make wheat germplasm selections for breeding programs, especially if they have unique genes that may provide resistance to future biotypes of wheat aphids. A valuable method for evaluating the potential of aphid-resistance for wheat germplasm lines was also confirmed.

Key words: Wheat germplasm lines, aphid, resistance identification.

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eISSN: 1684-5315