Pathology of worm infestation in ovine and its treatment with two different plants extraction

  • AM Bahrami
Keywords: Helminthes, plant extraction, total protein, hematology, histology.


The aim of this research was to obtain the effects of plant extraction of Fumariaceae on the control of experimental multiple nematodes infection as an antihelminthic and Scrophularia striata plant extraction as an anti-inflammatory of gastro intestinal tract (GIT) in lambs, and their effects on body weight gain. 24 lambs, 9 to 13 months of age with the average body weight of 16.175 kg, were divided in two groups. After eight weeks of parasitic infection, the experimental group of animals were treated with 3 ml/kg body weight Fumariaceae plant extract for one week. Confirmed infected animals were randomly selected and slaughtered for GIT tissues at the end of eight weeks, while the rest of lambs again treated with Scrophularia striata extraction orally were slaughtered at the end of the 11th week. Marked hypertrophy and hyperplasia was observed in all regions of GIT of infected animals. Villi were broad and appeared to be flattened in distal regions of small intestine of infected animal in comparison to treated group of the lambs after eight weeks with the plant extraction of S. striata. Significant changes were observed in protein fractions. Significant increases in body weight were also observed in infected lambs on 10th week treated animal with plant extraction. Fumariaceae and S. striata plant extraction could be use as an antihelminthic, and anti-inflammatory, although it needs further extensive study.

Keyword: Helminthes, plant extraction, total protein, hematology, histology.


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eISSN: 1684-5315