Eucalyptus plantlet growth in relation to foliar application with complete fertilizers in Southeast of Iran

  • M Dahmardeh
  • L Mehravaran
  • S Naderi
Keywords: Eucalyptus, complete fertilizers, leaf extract, growth of plantlet.


In one experiment at greenhouse, condition was established to determine the effects of complete fertilizers on growth of plantlet Eucalyptus camaldulensis in Southeast of Iran. This experiment was conducted in the Agricultural Research Center, University of Zabol, in autumn year of 2008. This study was designed as a completely randomized design with four treatments involving control treatment and three complete fertilizers (Fosamco, Albatroz and Jonoobgan fertilizer). Amount of dose was two in thousand with three replications. All fertilizer spray solutions were applied on the twigs by spraying. In this study, we conducted measurement of height of plantlet, number of leaf, leaf area and percentage of leaf extract. The results indicate that there was significant difference between leaf area, height of plantlet and number of leaf at 5% probability, and percentage of leaf extract at 1% probability. Average comparison was made by Duncan test. Our results show that Jonoobgan fertilizer compared with other fertilizers had high effect on increasing amount of leaf extract, while Albatroz fertilizer has high effect on height of plantlet, number of leaf and leaf area. Hence, we recommend the used of Albatroz fertilizer for increased growth and Jonoobgan fertilizer for increasing leaf extract plantlet of Eucalyptus.

Key words: Eucalyptus, complete fertilizers, leaf extract, growth of plantlet.


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eISSN: 1684-5315